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An important part of becoming femme powered is creating healthy habits that support long-term health and well-being. This class guides you step by step along the habit-building process and teaches you how to create the structure and discipline you need to create healthy habits that stick. 

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4 Things Endometriosis Taught Me

I didn’t think that discovering the cause of my health woes would change me as much as it has. Finding out that the cause of my extreme bloating, digestive issues, bowel dysfunction, painful periods and pelvic pain is due to endometriosis; was a huge aha moment. And,...

Is Natural Birth Control Right for You?

Natural birth control methods have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Women are choosing to transition away from hormonal birth control in favor of natural birth control; such as the fertility awareness method. A common reason for this shift is due...

Ovarian Cysts: The Not So Sexy Truth

Ovarian cysts are a reproductive health issue that many women have experienced. As a matter of fact, you’ve probably had an ovarian cyst and didn’t even know it. Most ovarian cysts occur due to irregularities during the menstrual cycle and cause no signs or symptoms....

Vaginal Itching Be Gone!

It’s time to discuss another awkward yet common feminine health issue known as vaginal itching. As with many feminine health issues the private nature of vaginal itching causes many women to shy away from talking about it due to shame or disgust. But, there’s no...

Skin Aging Tips for Your 20’s

Skin aging has always fascinated me. Ever since my early teens, I was consumed with learning about how I could protect and preserve the youth and health of my skin. I purchased my first anti-aging skincare regimen when I was 20. And, while I was laughed at and had...

Why Are Period Cramps So Dang Painful?

Suffering from painful period cramps is an awkward and miserable experience. Trust me I know firsthand how killer period cramps can disrupt daily life. Yet, it wasn’t until my struggles with infertility and endometriosis that I began to understand more about the...

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