Dietary Restrictions During the Holidays

Feelings of being isolated and left out during holiday meals. Having to explain to family members and friends why you have to be conscious of what you eat and consume. Being made to feel as though you are being excessive and overacting. Do any of these awkward situations sound familiar?  Adhering to dietary restrictions during the holiday season can be frustrating and upsetting. Unfortunately, chronic conditions and health complications do not take the holidays off. Yet despite these setbacks, you can still enjoy your favorite holiday season and feel like you are part of the festivities. Understanding how to respect your current health condition, make adjustments when needed and practicing intuitive eating principles are a few ways you can enjoy the season.

Respect Your Condition

The first step in enjoying the holiday season lies within you. The quicker you are to accept what your body is going through the more likely that everyone in your life will too. Not to mention the fact that your attitude will determine how others react to your situation. Whether your dietary restrictions are due to managing a chronic condition, recovering from a health event such as surgery or preparing for a major event such as IVF. These conditions all require specific guidelines and modifications for your lifestyle and your diet. Just because the holidays are here doesn’t mean these things take a backseat. Especially if you are serious about managing these conditions properly. So, instead of looking at your situation as a negative find the positive. Respect and honor your condition and decide to work with it and not against it.

Know Your Dietary Guidelines

Knowing what foods you are supposed to avoid and that trigger flare-ups or inflammation within your body. If you are following a diet that is specified by your doctor making sure you speak with your physician about what your guidelines should be during the holidays. If there are specific meals that you know your family enjoys during this time of year speaking frankly with your doctor in regards to if it would be okay for you to consume and how much. This also goes for alcohol consumption. There are many conditions and instances in which alcohol consumption is omitted or decreased. Speaking with your doctor in advance regarding how much, how little or if you are even advised to drink alcohol is important.

Making Adjustments

Focus on planning ahead when it comes to holiday meals especially if there will be foods or ingredients that are not part of your dietary guidelines.  While having the support of your family is important it’s also key to remember that just as your body is on its own journey the same is true of the people in your life. Instead of trying to impose your dietary needs find ways to add to your dietary needs. Look for fun ways to make gatherings and meals enjoyable for you and your family as well.


Some options you can try are to:

  1. Create side dishes that you can bring and share.
  2. Eat before the family gathering or holiday party.
  3. Bring non-alcoholic beverages and options.
  4. Discussing your dietary restrictions with family beforehand so they understand or tempted to heckle you about it
  5. If your family is open have an alternative family holiday gathering with dishes that cater to your dietary needs



Taking the time to find ways to make the holiday season fun with your friends and family in a non-threatening way can definitely help to ease the tension. This is especially true if these holiday gatherings include trigger foods that you can not indulge in. Being honest and upfront about what you are going through can help your family to be more supportive.

Listen to Your Body

As woo-woo and new age as this may sound, this is another important piece of the puzzle. What you allow in of your body is your responsibility. No one else should be held responsible for what you do eat or don’t eat and how it affects your health. Seeking to make conscious choices regarding what you eat and making sure that you are following doctor’s orders is imperative. Practicing intuitive and mindful eating principles that will allow you to enjoy food the food you are consuming and paying attention to your hunger and fullness cues. Doing this will release you from the focus of worrying about what you can and can’t eat and help you focus on the present moment. This can help you to truly enjoy the holiday season and not feel isolated or left out.

Letting Go

While dealing with a chronic condition or health complication during the holiday season is not fun and not anyone’s idea of a good time. There are definitely ways to overcome this challenge in order to truly and authentically enjoy the holiday season without feeling deprived and left out. Try this approach this holiday season to see if this helps to increase your enjoyment and enables you to let go and have more fun with your family and friends.











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