I’m excited about prepping for 2021. In all honesty, I get excited about prepping for the new year period. I guess you can say that I’m one of those who like to plan and set goals. It’s my personal development and growth ritual. And, so far, it’s helped me transition through some tough times and rough years (giving 2020 the side-eye). But, before I start planning and goal setting, I like to declutter and get organized. Doing so puts me in the right mindset to conquer the year. 

Tips for Prepping for 2021

In my opinion, there’s nothing like a good deep clean. I’m talking about a wipe the walls, wash the linens, scrub the floors and purge all you don’t need kinda deep clean. Although spring cleaning is more common. I prefer to do end of the year cleaning. Something symbolic about making way for a new year makes it all the more meaningful. Some of the deep cleaning activities I make sure to do are decluttering/purging, rearranging and redecorating, and cleaning out my car.

Prepping for 2021 with A Declutter & Purge Session

Decluttering and purging have different meanings for different people. For me, it’s an essential part of my prepping for 2021 plan. My process includes paring down my closet and donating or selling unwanted pieces. I tackle the much-dreaded junk drawer and eliminate unnecessary items that my hubs and I hold onto. Additionally, I take time to clean out the pantry and fridge. I check for expired items and trash them as well as stock up on essentials that we need. I also make sure to deep clean all my appliances. This includes the stove, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, microwave, and other small appliances. 

Furthermore, I clean those often forgotten spaces such as behind the sofa and fridge and under the bed. Also, I clean the baseboards, carpets, air vents, and wipe the walls. When it comes to wiping the walls, there’s really no rhyme or reason why I do this. Aside from the fact that it’s a habit I picked up from my mom and haven’t been able to discontinue. 

prepping for 2021

Rearrange & Redecorate For The New Year

When space allows it, I love to rearrange the furniture. It’s such a simple activity, but it creates a whole new vibe to your space. It’s a useful trick if you live in an apartment or rental that you’re getting bored with. If possible, I also like to refresh decorations or move pieces to different areas. I’m pretty minimalistic with my style and don’t really have many baubles for decorative purposes. But, what little I do have, I love to experiment with their location.

Show Your Car Some TLC

My car is like my second home. And, while I’m proud to say I’ve gotten better at keeping a clean and tidy car on the inside and outside. I still like the idea of taking that extra step to detail my car. Besides detailing it, I also want to have essential service done to prepare it for the colder months and make sure it’s performing at its best. Also looking into making cool additions such as a protective seat cover for the doggies and cool interior lights.

While you don’t have to necessarily detail your car. Getting it cleaned and making sure it’s prepared for the winter weather (especially if you live in a colder climate) can help increase your vehicle’s longevity and improve your driving experience. 

Prepping For 2021 Includes Getting Organized

I have ADHD and bipolar, so being organized isn’t natural for me. It’s something that I’ve really had to work hard at because the structure and quality of life that it allows me is worth it. This year, I’m definitely taking some extra time to include it in my prepping for 2021 action plan. 

Tidy Up & Organize Your Paperwork

Taking the time to organize your important documents such as certificates, licenses, medical records, and tax documents helps you know where everything is. And, it’s kept in a safe, tidy place. 

Another consideration is to try and reduce paper clutter altogether. Scan documents into your computer, save them on a cloud drive (non-sensitive documents only), invest in external storage, and transfer the files there. Additionally, finding or creating an organizational system on your computer can help you keep files and documents organized and decrease visual clutter on your desktop. Lastly, investing in a paper or digital planner is a great way to manage your time effectively. And, it can help with visualizing your goals and determining what’s allowed to take space in your life.  

prepping for 2021 by tidying up

Closet Refresh

I mentioned earlier the importance of a good closet purge. It is also beneficial to organize your remaining pieces to create a capsule wardrobe of sorts. And, it may interest you to look into altering pieces to create a better fit and elongate their wear life. This may also prove the perfect opportunity to elevate your style and explore a new look for the new year. 

Make the Most of Small Spaces

Creating a sustainable organizational system for small spaces such as coat closets, linen closets, the pantry, or laundry rooms make them easier to navigate. If you can find baskets or storage tools around the house to organize terrific! However, if you need to purchase pieces to accomplish this task you can look into Dollar Tree which offers very affordable storage solutions. Or, if you can invest the Container Store and Target offer great and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions as well. 

Create Space for Health Essentials

Having a chronic illness and mental disorder means that there’s a lot of care that needs to be taken to maintain my health. This translates into it being necessary to keep my medications, supplements, and medical information organized at all times. And, I need to have a good understanding of my health coverage for the upcoming year. 

So, I set aside time to read and go over my health plan for the year and make sure I have all the insurance ID cards that I need. I also like to schedule my annual appointments for my women’s physical, dental, and vision. 

Lastly, I like to add to my wellness journal/notebook and update my supplement and prescription information. While also making sure my pertinent health information is still where it should be. Also, I make sure that my medication is in a safe and accessible location. Especially since I take a controlled substance (Adderall) and I do not want that to get into the wrong hands and be abused. If you’re managing a chronic illness or condition like me you might find doing these things super beneficial as well. 

prepping for 2021 includes pets too

Prepping for 2021 Includes Your Pets Too!

It’s also essential that as a pet owner we prioritize the health of our furry friends (if you’re a pet owner that is). So, similar to how prepping for 2021 involves organizing my health information I do the same thing for my pups. I make appointments for yearly physicals and booster shots. And, I keep their paperwork organized in a safe area. 

Additionally, their little homes (kennels) are important and need to be cleaned too. I deep clean their beds, toys, blankets, etc as well. And, if I have the extra money in my budget I treat them to a spa day so they can smell and feel pampered. 

Make Sure To Review The Year

The final step in prepping for 2021 comes when I set aside time to review my year and look for areas where I can grow. This way I can set applicable goals to strive for in the upcoming year. Usually, this process entails me taking the time to “interview” myself and ask questions related to how I performed this past year. This in turn prompts me to take inventory of the different areas of my life. Such as personal, relationships, career, social, home, finances, faith, and health/wellness. 

After this, I choose three main areas that I want to focus on improving. And, conclude with creating an actionable plan for accomplishing these goals. 

If this is something that you would be interested in doing I’ve included a downloadable year in review journal prompt that can help guide you through this process. 

Wrapping It All Up

I’ll be the first to admit that my prepping for 2021 action plan is a bit exhaustive. And, it does take me a good week to complete all the things that I want to accomplish. But, for me, it’s so worth it because it gives me peace of mind knowing that the important things are taken care of and planned for. And, having a mental disorder makes it all the more crucial that I automate and plan ahead for these basic adulting tasks. Because it’s easy for me to forget or not to do them at all. 

And, while this plan of action works for me it may not be ideal for you. But, you can always pick and choose what elements will work the best for your lifestyle and create your own version of this. If you create your own prepping for 2021 action plan I would LOVE to hear about it. 

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